Vivaguard® Lancing Device

Our Lancing Device, used with our Lancets, work together to collect a blood sample for diabetes testing or other blood collection purposes.

The Lancing Device can be set to the penetration depth you desire while holding the Lancet securely. Our Lancing Device can be used universally with almost all brands of standard Lancets to collect blood samples used for all other blood glucose monitoring systems.

  • Lancing Device with 5 depth settings offers maximum comfort through selecting a proper penetration depth
  • Easy to carry with a secure-grip body design for safety
  • Smooth gliding mechanism offers reliability and simplicity
  • Unique Design and Easy to Use - Featuring a Lancet Ejector that easily disposes of the used lancet, hands-free, to prevent accidents and for better safety
  • Convenient storage with 5-year shelf life

VivaGuard® Lancets

Our Lancets can be used universally with our Lancing Device and also with the most popular Lancing Devices available, and consist of a small, sharp, sterile needle that pricks the skin so a drop of blood can be collected.

  • 30G Lancets with extra sharpened needlepoints to minimize the discomfort of finger pricking
  • Designed to fit most commonly used Lancing Devices
  • Additional gauges are available upon request

VivaGuard® Safety Lancets

Safety Lancets do not require a Lancing Device. They are one-time use lancets for optimal blood sampling. They are to be disposed of after one use.

Easy to Use

  • Sterile, Single-use Safety Lancets ideal for travel and on the go Glucose testing
  • Very simple push-button and contact activation, and can be used without a separate Lancing Device for much easier blood collection
  • Easy to use, simply just twist and pull off the protective cap, place it on the puncture site and press to collect blood
  • Requires No lancet pre-loading and No lancet removal - Best option for everyone, especially for elder patients, people visually impaired or have suffered from a stroke, or with chronic physical conditions such as arthritis, trigger finger, carpel tunnel and others

Ensured Safety for Both User and Patient

  • Fits easily into the hand, ultra thin needles fully shielded before and after use for safety
  • All Silicone-coated needles are gamma-sterilized and protected with a sterilized protective cap
  • Well controlled small penetration area for precision, and easy to hold with anti-slip body design for a secure grip
  • Needle automatically retracts and locks to prevent re-use, accidental sticks, or cross-infection for ensured safety
  • Excellent for Blood Glucose Testing and other blood collection, preferred to be used by people with Diabetes, physician’s offices and hospitals, home healthcare professionals, health fairs, public screenings, diabetes education programs, nursing homes, independent living health care centers and others

Minimized Discomfort with Long Shelf Life

  • 28G Sterile Safety Lancets with triple-sharpened needlepoints to minimize discomfort
  • Defined penetration depth at 1.8 mm for optimal sampling
  • Convenient storage with 5-year shelf life
  • Additional gauges are available upon request

Steps for Safety Lancets

Remove Cap
Touch Finger Tip
Replace Cap and Dispose

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